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The Largest Tech Campus in Illinois invites Jeff to speak to 1600 Students

On October 18, 2016, the largest high school tech campus invited Jeff Yalden to speak to their 1600 plus teenagers. Lake County High Schools Tech Campus in Grayslake, IL is one of the best campuses that Jeff has visited.  Jeff was amazing with the quality of programs, the staff, and most important the teens he […]

Family and Teenagers: Common Problems and Solutions

Being a parent of a teenager can be very challenging, distressing, and sometimes worrying. Many teenagers tend to push against the system in an attempt to gain a sense of independence; making parents feel criticized, rejected and confused. This can cause many problems within the family as emotions are high and there is a constant […]

Mental Health of Teenagers: Danger Signs

Adolescence is not easy. It affects not only the teenager but also parents. The former undergoes many changes, including sexual, physical, hormonal, emotional, intellectual, and social – the combined pressures of all these changes can often become overwhelming for them and may lead to a number of mental health issues. Mental health problems are a […]