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When youth motivational speaker and Amazon bestselling author Jeff Yalden speaks to his audiences, he often talks about coming through the door, checking your ego and opening your heart as you walk out into the world. And if you have people in your life that your life that you trust, respect and whose opinions you value – go to them.

“I do not think that our success in life is ever accomplished alone, and the less we’re willing to ask for help from other people, our potential drops,” he said. “open your heart to those people.”

If you have been taking action on the daily principles Yalden has been laying out in The BOOM 28 Day Boot Camp: Creating a Life of Success. Find Motivation. Crush Goals. Overcome Obstacles. Live with Purpose, then you are ready to engage on Day 20:

Be Coachable and Embrace Learning

Every day is a chance to learn something new. There is something new to learn in every situation. Success is in the lessons that happen around you.

“I want you to adopt a growth mindset. Begin every single day with the desire to learn,” he said.

Every single day that you want to learn – every single day – so I have got a couple of things.

What does your environment look like? Is this an environment to grow? Is this an environment that is supportive for your learning and embracing the growth mindset?

“I want you to start thinking about being a front-row player. A front-row player to me is someone that is always looking to be in the best proximity to where they can grow as a person – whether that be professionally or personally.”

In this episode of The BOOM Podcast, Jeff used the example of students.

“You either come into the classroom or you sit in the front row – or you go right to the back row. Remember: Most people always go to the back row. I want you to be a front-row player in the game of life. I want you to seek the front row,” he said.

Creating a growth mindset, according to Yalden, is like the old real estate phrase, Location, Location, Location.

“If you listen to this podcast or watch my videos and Facebook Live, there is like a one-on-one relationship. Maybe you feel as if I am talking directly to you. You are not just listening and being part of the audience. You are like, ‘I’m tuning in because I want to learn something.’

Be a front-row player at work. Be a front-row player at home. Be a front-row player when you are going to listen to a band. Be a front-row player when you are at your kid’s games. Proximity. Proximity. Proximity. How close you are to the situation, whether that be relationships or embracing learning.”

Are you accepting constructive criticism?

“If you are worried about being offended and if you want people to sugarcoat things, then then you are not really serious. If people are going to be constructive, take the constructive criticism and run with it. And if you need to filter it – like they put a curse word in it or something – take the curse word out yourself – and listen to what was just said.”

Yalden said that when people get real with you, realize that their intentions are not to hurt you. Their intentions are to help you.

Be Coachable. Embrace Leaning. Have a growth mindset. Know that your environment is important. Be a front-row player in the game of life.

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