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Youth motivational speaker and author Jeff Yalden said that sometimes we get so caught up in your days and what we need to get done that we never stop to think about we appreciate every day. Sometimes we take the little things for granted.


In Episode 38 of The BOOM Podcast, Yalden continues to lay out the daily principles from his new workbook, The BOOM 28 Day Boot Camp: Creating a Life of Success. Find Motivation. Crush Goals. Overcome Obstacles. Live with Purpose.

This workbook and planner is the perfect companion to Yalden’s Amazon bestseller, BOOM! One Word to Inspire Action, Deliver Rewards, and Positively Affect Your Life Every Day.

If you have been taking action daily on the action steps in the BOOM Boot Camp, you already know that these principals can change your life because you have been putting in the work.

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For those of you who are ready – here’s Day 24:

Create an Attitude of Gratitude

One way to ensure that you develop an Attitude of Gratitude is to start and keep a gratitude journal, or a journal of appreciation. As soon as you wake up each morning, write down the five things that you are most grateful for that day.

“The challenge is that no day can ever be a repeat of the day before,” said Yalden.

When he recorded this podcast episode, Yalden was in Charlotte, North Carolina, preparing for four speaking engagements over the course of two days. He has his video team with him.

“One of the things that I am really grateful for is the fact that my video guys had the time to come and help me, and that I am in a position where I can start to bring a team together,” he said. “I am grateful for that, so that’s number one.”

Gratitude point number two was the fact that he was speaking in the state of North Carolina. Although he lives in the in the Myrtle Beach area, he doesn’t speak in the South very often.

Thirdly, Yalden was grateful that he gave himself plenty of time to prepare for these speaking engagements.

“I was able to get up and rest and relax and get some things done. I am at the school early, I am prepared and I have got plenty of time to do my routine.”

Point number four was an appreciation for the time of year. In September, it was still nice and warm, but Yalden said there was a little bit of coolness in the air, and the weather was absolutely beautiful.

After undergoing weight loss surgery [he is down 85 pounds] and working out regularly, Yalden is feeling good. He has experienced a very definite upswing in his overall health as well as his energy levels. That was point number five in his gratitude journal for that day.

“Sometimes part of your morning routine should be about reflection and what you are appreciative of,” he said. “Start your day every single day with five things that you are grateful for, and don’t let any one day be a repeat of the day before. I promise: If you do that for two weeks, you are going to start appreciating little things in life.”

He cited author Rhonda Byrne in her mega-bestseller, The Secret, who suggested trying to say “thank you” at least 25 times a day for the little things.

“If someone lets you walk past them as they open the door, say ‘thank you.’ If someone stops and lets you drive by, you wave and say, ‘thank you.’ Anybody that you come in contact with that does something for you – stop for a second, pay attention to that – and just say, ‘thank you.’”

Create an Attitude of Gratitude.

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