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7 Tips to Effectively Deal with an In-School Suicide

7 Tips To Effectively Deal with an In-School Suicide Imagine for a second you are dealt with an emergency situation in your building, where you have to react immediately to an in-school suicide. What do you do? Do you have measures in place for such an incident? With your emergency response plans, evacuation plans, and […]

Depression – The Common Cold

“If you only knew how I feel!” I know many people who suffer from depression echo these words every day. What is depression and how do we deal with it everyday?  First, depression is a condition we deal with.  It’s not who a person is.  Depression is a flaw in the brains chemistry, not a […]

Texting Acronyms for Parents of Teens

Parents – Don’t be fooled by the following acronyms your teens are using as they text their friends.  Here is a short list of the ever changing world of technology.  For Teens and Internet, please follow: Kim Komando. Warning: Can be shocking to some! Your kid has something to hide CD9: Short for “Code 9,” […]

My Death Needs To Mean Something

“My Death Needs to Mean Something!” – Leelah Alcorn Five Facts You Need to Know – Leelah Alcorn   Suicide is never the answer! Her message could have been heard louder and longer had she been supported by her family with unconditional love and support. We could have used her voice, not her death by […]

Suicide Prevention . . . There is HOPE!

Suicide Your Role in the Prevention of Suicides By Jeff Yalden, CSP, Suicide Prevention Expert Suicide is a a major concern that is invading schools and communities at an ever increasing rate and your school is not immune.  Every day it is estimated that 85 individuals commit suicide in the United States alone and for […]