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I’m proud to specialize my work with schools – high school assemblies, middle school assemblies, colleges & universities.  I take great pride and responsibility with my work with teens, young adults, parents, and families.  I also work well with young adults and adults where therapy and counseling just isn’t resonating in their heart.  My office has great energy and is a safe environment that will leave a lasting impression.  Making a trip to Myrtle Beach isn’t always economical or necessary – unless you are an aspiring motivational speaker for youth or colleges, then, I think it is an opportunity you can’t pass up on. Most of my services are via Skype, Phone Call, Email, Texting, etc.  I promise our visit(s) will be worth it. If you are an aspiring Youth Motivational Speaker or College Speaker, I recommend a day visit to my home office where you can get a better understanding of “My System” and how I run the business.  It is definitely worth the visit.
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Jeff’s house in Myrtle Beach, SC
I’m not just a coach, I’m a client. Because I believe in the value of coaching, I meet with my own personal coaches and I have two counselors, each with his/her own style and approach. This is how ‘The Motivator’ stays balanced and motivated.  As a result, I am pleased to report the following benefits:
  • development of my life purpose
  • alignment of my thoughts and actions
  • a shift from scarcity and fear to prosperity
  • increased appreciation for myself, my family, and friends
  • deeper connection with my inner guide and my own personal truths
  • realization of my intentions and goals
  • a greater sense of purpose and fulfillment
  • a balance emotionally, physically, and spiritually
  • a more healthy lifestyle and overall purpose of self
  • more free time to enjoy all these benefits!
One of the benefits of being a Life Coach is that I am able to work with different people. My clients come from every conceivable racial, spiritual, political, and economic background. I find that each brings their own individual talents and abilities. I eagerly welcome them all, as I am hooked on discovering the fullness and depth of the human experience. I never discriminate on the basis of age, gender, disability, ethnicity, politics, race, religion, or sexual identity. It is my pleasure to work with people of all shapes and colors and sizes, from grade school students to corporate executives. I do find, however, that my clients have one thing in common: Without exception, everyone yearns for purpose and fulfillment. My job is to open the client to his true life desires and together conceive a game plan. The work consists mainly in addressing the issues that prevent the client from progressing as an individual: Schools – High School Assemblies & Middle School Assemblies or Inspirational Videos Most of my work is as a Youth Motivational Speaker, school assemblies for middle schools and high schools, and parent and community programs on teen depression and teen suicide.  However, many schools like to continue the relationship and let the kids continue to hear my message.  Therefore, I do many videos for schools or school organizations for continued spirit and morale.  Videos can be used for, but never limited to: pep rallies, a big exam push, sports success or a big game coming up, Pre Prom Pep Talk, welcome back to school, encouragement, and I’ve also done many to invite kids to refocus and to embrace one another after the loss of one of their classmates.  Whatever the video need you are interested in, I can work with you to keep my message fresh in their hearts and minds.  Remember, “Touch the heart and the mind will follow.”
  • School Spirit
  • Pep Rallies
  • School Sports
  • Encouragement
  • Pre Prom
  • Big Exams/State Tests
  • Motivation
  • March & April Doldrums
  • Refocus after tragedy or loss – Teen Suicide
  • Welcome Back
  • Be Safe
  • Make Good Choices
  • Motivational Minutes
  • Bullying
  • Self Esteem
  • Acceptance
  • Grades | School | College
  • Athletics
  • Weight Loss
  • Nutrition & Strength
Young Adults:
  • Life Purpose
  • Jobs
  • Stress | Mindfulness Training
  • Balance
  • Relationships
  • Debt & Money Management
  • Drugs & Alcohol
  • Weight Loss | Fitness | Nutrition
  • Relationships
  • Families
  • Weight Loss | Fitness | Nutrition
  • Job | Career
  • Debt Management
  • Balance
  • Stress | Mindfulness Training
  • Purpose
  • lack of direction or life purpose
  • family stress
  • relationship issues
  • trouble saying no
  • setting boundaries personally or professionally
  • debt and money management
  • desire for greater success and abundance in life
  • life transitions: school, career, death, divorce
  • marketing and growing a business
  • “stuck” relationships
  • goal-setting and follow-through
  • weight loss
  • motivation and inspiration
Whoever the person and whatever their objective, I am able to clarify the client’s perspective and help create a shift in their awareness to a model of success as they define it. My clients reconnect with their dreams and regain their excitement for life, even if that desire and excitement have atrophied from years of neglect. It has been my special pleasure to work with couples looking to frame their relationships in a way that provides mutual growth and fulfillment. I can help you grow in awareness and become more intimate with your own truth, which already resonates inside you. Part of our work together is discovering how to bring out the best that is inside you, according to your goals, needs, and constitution. All I ask in return is your willingness to explore your beliefs and viewpoints. Empowerment begins when we become conscious of, and responsible for, all of our thoughts, choices, and reactions. The most wonderful part is that once we look the ego in the eye, we become its master, and it never has the same power over us. And once we demonstrate our own priorities and direct our own perceptions, the world responds immediately.

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