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The Daily with Jeff Yalden

Weekdays 9:00 am and 12:00 pm EST, Jeff Yalden will be LIVE and On-Demand Jeff Yalden’s LIVE and ON-DEMAND Program called, “The Daily” is helpful inspiration, motivation, and tools for overall well-being to encourage and support teens and parents through these times of uncertainty. While schools have closed and moved to online learning Jeff is committed to your families mental well-being and supporting you all through this.

Who is Jeff Yalden?

Jeff has spent nearly 30 years as one of educations top speakers and consultants working with teens, school administrators, counselors, teachers, and parents. He specializes in teen mental health and school culture. He’s a four-time best-selling author, founder of The Jeff Yalden Foundation: a 501c3 non-profit foundation, ordained minister with an honorary doctorate degree in divinity, and a Yoga Teacher. Many might recognize Jeff from the MTV hit reality television show, MADE where his show was watched by more than 75 million people helping a young lady graduate high school and find purpose and direction in her life. Get ready to live mindfully with Teen and Family Celebrity Life Coach and Teen Expert, Jeff Yalden. Subscribe and get more information and LINKS for your subscription based program, The Daily, with Jeff Yalden.

9:00 am EST

LIVE broadcast will be Mindful Motivation, Intention Setting, and Meditation
First, we will set an intention for the day ahead and be clear on what that intention is. Kind of like setting goals.
So, no matter what distractions might arise you can turn back to your intentions.
Your job . . . throughout the day you put your attention on your intention and this will help you focus and live a balanced life accomplishing things you need to accomplish while feeling good and maintaining an overall sense of well being.
Next we will do a meditation.  Meditation is for the imbalances of the mind. This will help create positive thoughts and maintain equanimity (balance) as you face the uncertainties and challenges this coronavirus is doing to our lives.
During this practice we will spend time focusing on the conscious breathe.  Intentional breathing practices help balance the nervous system which is elevated during times of stress. This will help reduce stress, anxiety, and silence the negative talk and thoughts.
A healthy mind-body connection improves your immune system which maintains your overall mental well-being.

12:00 pm EST

Yogi Jeff Yalden
Get ready . . . Get ready . . .  Get ready!
It’s Brogi Jeff time! That’s right! Jeff is going to lead “physical education class” or Yoga. No worries about your yoga practice or knowledge of being a yogi because Jeff will teach you and guide you.
This yoga practice will be a journey of Sun Salutations, Standing Postures, Seated Postures, and so much more. Yoga is for everybody!
Grab a mat or a towel, take off your shoes, and let’s get some exercise with Brogi Jeff and Guests.

Why is YOGA important?

Yoga is mind, body, and soul. During this time of uncertainty, Yoga will help you in ways you can’t even imagine. Jeff wants to make sure that during this time where isolation and lack of movement can easily be the new norm we are taking good care of ourselves mentally and physically.
Benefits of Yoga:
  • Increases flexibility
  • Improves athletic performance
  • Increases muscle strength and tone
  • Strengthens cardio and circulatory systems.
  • Improves recovery time
  • And improves respiration, energy, and vitality
Good stuff for the mind, body, and to get along in close confinements.

Two Nights a Week

Two nights a week at 8pm EST, Jeff will go live slinging inspiration and opening up with Q&A.
Let’s breathe and move through these times together.