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Suicide Prevention Training Certification

by Jeff Yalden

Suicide Prevention Training for those that want to save lives!

Cost $499

*Cost includes all materials, DVD, Workbook, Test, Jeff’s book, “Don’t Be Left Asking Questions,” and more.  The certification is good for two years.

Become Certified by Education’s #1 Suicide Prevention Trainer and Crisis Intervention Expert Jeff Yalden.

In Canada, the Director of the Canadian Mental Health Association called Woodstock, Ontario, “A city in crisis!” after going through a suicide contagion.  They hired Jeff Yalden to come to Woodstock, Ontario.  They haven’t had a teen suicide since.

In Indiana, a small community in Akron, IN suffered 8 suicides in one year, including 4 in 6 weeks.  They hired Jeff Yalden to come to their community.  They haven’t had a teen suicide since.

Communities around the country go to Jeff Yalden for Suicide Prevention and to bring hope to their students, staff, and community after losing one of their own from that forever decision.

Why Jeff Yalden?

In the last five years, nobody has the experience that Jeff Yalden has dealing with suicides and preventing suicides.  Jeff has visited well over 100 communities helping administrators, teachers, and communities make sense of today’s teens and why suicide is so prevalent with today’s youth.

Jeff has taken everything he has learned from practical experience and his own education in psychology, mental health, and cognitive behavioral therapy and put it together in carefully designed program that teaches others how they can train to teach Suicide Prevention.

During this Course you will learn:

    • Jeff’s theory on today’s suicide epidemic – Three reasons why teens choose that forever decision
    • The Gatekeeper training is the foundation in which Jeff shares his information when he’s training others.

The information contained in The Gatekeeper Course – Certification for Suicide Prevention Training is a school-based curriculum training and the training of trainers.  It provides a deep overview of suicide around the country, and teaches basic intervention and resources for immediate response.

This training will:

  • Provide the fundamentals of suicide prevention
  • Provide up-to-date information about suicide
  • Teach basic suicide intervention skills
  • Increase personal confidence and ability to effectively respond to suicidal behavior
  • Identify helpful resources

Who is this training for:

  • School staff
  • Community members
  • Health services agency professionals
  • Law enforcement professionals
  • Primary care practice staff members
  • Military Personnel
  • Training Professionals – Parents, teachers, students, coaches, speakers

This is a work at home study certification followed by a test.  It meets the criteria for a Suicide Prevention Gatekeeper training for school staff and education standards for Suicide Prevention Training.