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Host a Community 5K Run/Walk-A-Thon Charity Event

Two Amazing Days with Jeff Yalden’s Non-Stop Energy, Inspiration and Education

PLUS, Jeff will give back a donation to your new Speak Up; Reach Out club and one teacher/staff member who chooses to be the club advisor will get a $750 Annual Stipend from The Jeff Yalden Foundation, Inc. for their time, energy, support and for being that Trusted Adult.  All you have to do is commit to starting a new club for Teen Mental Health Awareness & Suicide Prevention.  Jeff will give your school posters, banners, wristbands and other promotional items for a successful campaign that benefits school spirit and school culture.  Each year, we will fun another 5K Run/Walk-A-Thon and Jeff will come to each event.  This is amazing and now there is an ongoing relationship between your school community and Jeff Yalden and his foundation for Teen Mental Health and Suicide Prevention.


Helping School Communities Talk About Mental Health Awareness & Suicide Prevention

Jeff wants to work with your school community to bring mental health awareness and suicide prevention to your school community and it’s absolutely FREE.  Here is how we do it and it’s an amazing two-three days with Jeff and his TEAM that you’ll community will rave about for years to come.  More importantly, it improves school spirit and changes the culture of your community schools and families.  Are you ready?

Here is how it works:

We will provide you with all the documentation to have a successful 5K Run/Walk-A-Thon Charity Event.  Our TEAM will come in two days before the event to help and tie all the loose ends together with your SPEAK UP; REACH OUT TEAM.

The Commitment from School Community/School District:

  • Your School Community selects two volunteers as TEAM LEADERS to coordinate, organize, implement and execute the SPEAK UP; REACH OUT 5K Run/Walk-A-Thon Charity Event.
    1. These TWO TEAM LEADERS can be parents, school staff, administration, teachers, counselors, mental health professionals, etc.
  • Your SPEAK UP; REACH OUT TEAM LEADERS forms a TEAM Committee to help and this committee can consist of parents, community members, business professionals, school staff, teachers, counselors, mental health professionals, student leaders, etc.  We highly encourage the school staff to be involved for complete buy in.  This is the administration team and student leaders.  After all, Jeff will be spending more than 48 hours in your school community touching hearts and saving lives.
  • To be successful we like 2-3 months of planning this SPEAK UP; REACH OUT 5K Run/Walk-A-Thon.  It takes this amount of time to organize, plan, execute and for this all to be successful.  Again, The Jeff Yalden Foundation, Inc. TEAM will provide you with all the details on how to plan and execute a successful event that raises awareness, educates, inspires, improves school spirit and school culture.
Most importantly, Jeff is an inspiration to your teachers, staff members, students, and the community.  His visit sure will be remembered for years to come and we will make a difference STOMPING OUT STIGMA in your community.

How Does This Benefit the School Community?

For one, suicide prevention training (teen suicide and teen mental health) is mandated in every state in the country for our teachers and staff personnel.  Secondly, this is the greatest healthcare crisis of our time and Jeff works with school communities every week educating and bringing hope to communities who’ve experienced loss.  Education, training, and mental health awareness isn’t just a school communities responsibility, but it’s the responsibility of the whole community: our teens, our staff/teachers, parents, coaches, and families that live in and around your communities.  Jeff is going above and beyond to not only work with your school community but this Speak Up; Reach Out 5K Run/Walk-A-Thon will have an affect on your neighboring communities and their teens and families too.  It doesn’t cost you a thing other than time, planning, and some hard work, but the rewards are priceless: Save lives, change the climate, educate staff, inspire students and families and give hope and understanding. Furthermore, here is what Jeff is committed to doing for your School Community:
  • The Jeff Yalden Foundation, Inc. will help you and your school create a Club Organization called Speak Up; Reach Out and Jeff will make a donation to your new school club or $500, plus a stipend of $750 to a School Staff Advisor who leads the club.  
  • Along with speaking to your School Community and helping your School create a Speak Up; Reach Out Club, Jeff will also host a Student Leadership Luncheon for the Student Leaders in Surrounding Communities that partake in the planning and executing of this event.  We recommend you contacting your local school administrators and counselors and inviting them to come up with a TEAM to be a part of the SPEAK UP; REACH OUT 5K Run/Walk-A-Thon and all the students who attend and have been a part of the planning in their communities will attend a FREE hour and a half student leadership workshop with Jeff.

Sample Schedule for a Saturday 5K Run/Walk-A-Thon Charity Event

(Two to Three Months of Planning for the BIG EVENT) Thursday – The Jeff Yalden Foundation Team arrives in your community – Meet and Greet with Speak Up; Reach Out Club CommitteeLet the fun begin. Friday – Jeff is on campus with Administration and Counselors
  • School Assemblies, Mentoring Teens, Teacher In-Service, Attending Game or School Function
  • Meet with Families or Administration
  • Game Night and Planning for Saturday – Finalizing Details with Committee
Saturday – SPEAK UP; REACH OUT 5K Run/Walk-A-Thon Event Day
  • 7-9 am – Registration
  • 9:00 am – Opening Ceremony
  • 9:30 am – Start Time
  • 11:00 am – Awards, Food, Music and Community
  • 11:30 am – Parents and Community Talk with Jeff in School Gym or Auditorium
  • 1:00 pm – Jeff with Student Leaders from local school communities and their advisors talking about Leadership, Mental Health, Planning for the Future, Goal Setting, Having a Plan, Expectations, Anxiety, Stress, College, Social Media and how to inspire their peers and make their school a better place for everyone.
Questions?  Contact us now: EMAIL or Call 800-948-9289.