The Jeff Yalden Team

Behind the scenes is an incredible team of people that make it all happen for Jeff. You know Betty, Jeff’s assistant (Read Her Story), but there are more people involved keeping Jeff free to engage and impact teens, youth, teachers, counselors, and mental health professionals.

Jo Lavallee

This is Jo. For the last 4 years Jo has focused on Design and Web Development. She graduated from a Majors Program straight out of high school in Web Design and Communications with a College-Level Diploma. Since then, She has worked with The Jeff Yalden Foundation as their Creative Director. Jo handles the graphics, social media, and all other web design/development needs! Going into her Major Program, her main focus was going to be more on the Graphic Design aspects, but as she progressed, she found a strong profound love for coding and designing. Jo took Multi-Courses on W3Schools, CodeAcademy, and a lot of self-teaching by way of Youtube. She is very eager and willing and loves to work!
My name is Bridger. Bridger does promotional videography for organizations, bands, corporate and Local businesses. He currently live in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Bridger is always eager to help create visions through  photography and videography. He is not afraid of a challenge! His main mission is to create content that brings awareness to small businesses and value to larger companies by representing the brand visually on their social media outlets and advertisements. Bridger started getting into Photography/Videography a few years ago that has developed into an ongoing passion. He advanced in Adobe Photoshop, as well as showing an extensive knowledge of Canon cameras.
Roger Yale is a longtime contributor to McClatchy Newspapers’ The Sun News in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, focusing on features about the people who make the Grand Strand awesome, including mental health speaker and author Jeff Yalden. Roger joined Jeff’s team in 2017 as editor, blogger and content creator. He was voted Story of the Year winner four times by readers of The Sun News’ sister publication, Weekly Surge. Roger is the parent of adult twins and spent many years as a single father. He believes that the experience was something to relish – and the bond he forged with his twins remains strong. He is also a working musician who performs regularly in the Myrtle Beach area. For more about Roger, visit his blog: