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Develop a Strong Relationship with your Teen

Youth motivational speaker and teen author Jeff Yalden discusses tips for parents to maintain a strong relationship with their teens.  Jeff Yalden is the leading authority figure in North America on Teen and Family Life Coaching.  As a teen expert, Jeff Yalden hosts his own radio show, “The Jeff Yalden Show” weekly on Friday’s from 1-2 pm on WMRC 1490 on the outskirts of Boston, MA.  You can always listen live anywhere in the world by visiting and going to the media center and listen live.

Here are some tips for teens and parents to maintain, build, and foster a strong relationship between teens and parents.

For Parents:

Establish Rules For Your Teen
Teenagers need rules to live by. They need a structured environment and they need to be accountable for their actions. Parents must enforce the rules they put in place so their children will know that there are consequences for their actions. Set rules for dating, driving and other teen behaviors that make you nervous as a parent. Teens need to earn the trust of their parents, and then they will earn the right to have privileges.

Be Involved In Your Teen’s Life
Develop relationships with your children. Talk with them about their lives. Support, encourage and show love to your children. You cannot watch your children at all times, so it is important to establish a trusting relationship so they will feel comfortable coming to you with their questions and problems. Get to know their friends and the people they want to date. Ask questions to find out who they are as people and what their morals and values are. Be aware of the television shows they watch and monitor the websites they visit.

Instill Confidence In Your Teen
If parents do not instill confidence in their teens, they will seek approval from other sources. If your child is finding approval from other sources this will cause your child to have poor judgement and become sexually active at an age where they are not ready.

Help Your Teen Find A Passion
Parents can help their children find a passion and help them become involved in it.

For Teens:

Be Open And Honest With Your Parents
This is the only way you will earn trust from them. Don’t tell your parents what you think they want to hear; tell them the truth. If you think they will use your honesty as leverage against you, then explain that to your parents so the dynamic can change.

Don’t Live In The Moment
It is important to think about and plan your future.

Pursue A Passion In Your Life
Find something that you really enjoy doing, and learn as much about it as you can. When you immerse yourself in a passion, you will not be so focused on the opposite sex and let them hold you back from achieving your goals.

Be a parent that is involved in your teens lives.  If you are not they will seek acceptance elsewhere and this will cause more problems.  Commit to being a great parent by being honest and open with your teens.  Give them that respect and you will find they will give you respect back.

** Jeff Yalden is one of the leading authorities on family relationships, teen communicating, and a renowned Teen Motivational Speaker.  Since 1992, Jeff Yalden has spoken at high schools and middle schools all over the world – 50 States and 48 Countries – Over 4 million people have heard Jeff Yalden speak.

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