Greg Sheid Testimonial Jeff has worked with many families outside his speaking. Don’t worry. He has your back. Understanding today’s teens is very complex, but doesn’t have to be exhausting.

Family Coaching to Understand & Work with Teens

A parents guide to understanding teens and for teens to understand themselves.

Daily and Weekly Personal Support with Jeff

You have two choices:

One Month Commitment: Cost is $499.00 One month commitment is 30 days of guidance and support. In this month, you will have access to Jeff daily. During this 30 days you will build a relationship with Jeff and Jeff will listen with compassion and empathy giving you support, encouragement, and a game plan for success. As Dr. Steven Covey said, “Seek first to understand before being understood.” Jeff will help you to understand best how to communicate and understand your child. Two Month Commitment: Cost is $800.00 (Most Popular) The two month commitment is most popular because in understanding your child and getting your child to understand his/her parents it takes time. Time for Jeff to work with you and your child to build a relationship. Our youth ask two questions:
  • Can I trust you?
  • Do you care about me?
Jeff has to build this relationship with your child too where they fully open up and are honest and trust in Jeff that he is non-judgemental and caring with compassion and empathy. Jeff will be there personally for the parents and the child. Wherever you are and whatever you are going through as a family, Jeff will listen and share with compassion and empathy and ultimately offer his suggestions and guidance to move forward together. He will give you an action plan for success. Both the parents and the child will be coached by Jeff during the time commitment you’ve chosen. Choosing to have Jeff as your daily support is for parents really struggling with their child and they’re in crisis or on the verge. Perhaps you know your child needs counseling but is refusing. Maybe you are concerned about your child hurting him or herself. Having Jeff in your corner is a breath of fresh air. This is where Jeff can easily work with the parents and the child to create a path for success. Jeff has worked successfully with many families and schools to create an action plan for success and the students have done well.

Jeff Yalden University On Demand

Jeff Yalden University On Demand is a new online on demand program Jeff is running. Each week, Jeff and his media team will upload content for teens and parents. This content will be videos, articles, messages of encouragement and support. You will have direct access to this one-of-a-kind on-demand program where you’ll receive the content weekly and can peruse or watch it on your time and have full access for as long as you choose to subscribe for only $9.99 per month. Cancel anytime. Only $9.99 per month and you and your family have full access to all Jeff’s content including his Teen Suicide Prevention and Mental Health Course. You’ll have access to Jeff’s message to parents about today’s youth and why they feel alone and a disappointment.

Introductory Phone Call

The best way to determine if family support and encouragement suits you is to schedule an introductory session. For very little money, you can determine first-hand whether we are compatible as a team. Jeff”s introductory session is only $59.00, and you are under no obligation to hire him or make any commitment.

Determining if Jeff is right for me?

Read Mental Health Motivational Speaker Jeff Yalden’s book, BOOM.
Jeff highly encourages you to read his #1 Best Selling book, BOOM!

One Word that Inspires Action and Delivers Rewards Daily!

BOOM is a universal word for complimenting, characterizing, agreeing, patronizing, celebrating and rewarding. BOOM is about celebration and rewards for victories and accomplishments. One word, BOOM that is understood from sporting events to a family dinner that represents a compliment of success . One word, BOOM that makes an explosion fun or enjoyable while still being serious enough to make a positive statement!  From the most aggressive of celebration to a simple compliment of satisfaction one feels necessary to share with a simple fist bump, remember?  Universal sign of excitement and satisfaction!  BOOM says it all in four letters – It delivers that little reward for even the smallest of victories, yet it provides that motivation to get it done.  BOOM!
“BOOM! works magic if you implement it into your everyday life. And (as Jeff will tell you) BOOM! is the perfect addition to your Miracle Mornings!”— Hal Elrod, author of The Miracle Morning 

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